Saturday, June 14, 2008

Best Credit Offers

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On-the-Job Training at KFC Philippines

Who would expect I'd still be back to the blog line after three months? See? There can be miracles! Haha! I left my blog since I had my On-the-Job Training last summer and when I came back from Manila, I had a hard time connecting to the internet at home. But now, I'm back. Yes! And the first thing I would like to share is about my OJT experience.

Business Systems Department
KFC Philippines
80-81 Roces Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

RAMCAR Center is a big company of companies. It owns KFC, Mister Donut, and Motolite. I worked under KFC. I documented their "Back Office Online" system which has a lot of modules. The most challenging part was analyzing their database. Whew! I really have applied what I've learned in school. Well aside from my work, I have enjoyed my stay in the company because of my officemates. They are so fun to be with. They really made me feel that I belong to the team. Superb! On the other side, I had a hard time living in Manila. I tell you... IT'S NOT EASY! I had financial, social, emotional, physical problems. Name it! It was so damn hard living there and yet somehow, I've enjoyed because of my sister, my high school friends, and my officemates-slash-friends. I just can't find words to perfectly describe my OJT experience. It was a mix of ups and downs. My OJT in Manila has given me the glimpse of the real world - the world after graduation. Indeed it's true what they say: It's better to study than to work.

Here are some pictures of my officemates during my OJT at RAMCAR. I am so grateful for
being part of their company and especially for being part of the Business Systems Department for six weeks. I surely won't forget them and the memories they shared with me.

To Sir Arvin, Sir Mike, Ma'am Monica, Cheryl, Ena, Salve, Levy, Ridvan, Eric, Marlowe, Mon, Simon, Boss Bam, Boss Gamie, Mark... Len and Tass... I wish I had taken all of you in one picture. But anyway, I will never forget you all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I MISS YOU!

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