Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have decided to relocate to tumblr :D

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


You might ask, "How are you since the 1st day of this year?"

Allow me to answer your question as briefly as I can.

I cannot forget how my year started. That day, I was so pissed off with someone to the point that I had to cry it all out. Then I thought, "What a great way to start the year." There and then I knew that this is not going to be my year.

My first month of 2010 was all about me struggling on ways to reconcile with my sister. I had many attempts to get back to her but unfortunately, I was ignored (and I still am, by the way). Until it came to a point that I stopped, took pity on my self, and said "I've done my part. This is where I stand, and this is where it has to end." So there, I finally gave up. And she must be really very happy that I did.

I'm fed up with all the drama so let's move on talking about my job. It will be my 6th month in the company on the 11th of Feb. And I am simply amazed how time passes by so fast. Well, I think I'm doing just fine. Recently, I've been working late. I even left at 10 o'clock last Friday night. I like it that I'm busy, though. It keeps me away from all the UNnecessary thoughts that could ever cross my mind. I'm still keeping up with my job. So far, so good.

And finally, I would also like to share this to you. I hate the month of Feb. Okay. I am bitter. It's just that since birth, I haven't really felt how special this month is. Now that I have finished school, I am supposed to be eligible to be in a relationship. But guess what? I am still single. It's kinda frustrating to be single at this age (I am 21, by the way. Turning 22 this year.) I really envy those who have someone special. Nakaka-inggit! My friends keep telling me lots of words of wisdom just to comfort me which I appreciate, by the way. But mehn, honestly? I am already desperate. I don't need sympathy, I need love. HAHAHA! Oooppss! Sorry, do I sound pathetic now? Sometimes I just end up asking God, "When can I have my love story, Father?" *sighs*

Anyway, I have to end here. This update was supposed to be brief, and I'm sorry it's not. HAHA!

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