Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Agnes Prochina Domingo
BS Computer Science Major in Information Technology
Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan
Batch 2009

Yes, friends. I have finally graduated in college! After 15 years of studying, i'm finally done w/ school! Wohoooo! And now, i'm unemployed but I hope I won't stay that way forever. On May 6, i'll be leaving for Singapore. I just wanna try my luck there. The thought of leaving this place and the people I love breaks my heart. But then, life has to go on. It's not like i'm no longer coming back here in the Philippines, right? But oh... I will miss everyone! But on the bright side, I'm kinda excited about S'pore. I wonder how it is to be living there with my sister (who actually works as the HR Operations Executive of Unilever, SG). Questions like "Will I meet someone special there? Am I going to stay there forever? Is S'pore my destiny?" cross my mind. Weee! This is gonna be exciting. *winks* Well I guess I can update you when i'm there.

I really have a lot to share. Maybe next time.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to me and my fellow graduates!


A Blogger's Tech Notes said...

Congratulations for finishing BSCS-IT Agnes! Wishing you success in your future endeavor.


Chimmie said...

Congrats kahet midyu late na bate ko. hihi. napadpad lang kasi aku deto. pwede makipag link ex ? tnx

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