Friday, November 13, 2009

Paintball, anyone?

Here's an update: Guys, I am now working as a Systems Analyst here in Singapore. And just last month, we had our annual team building in the IT department. Guess what we did for fun? PAINTBALL! It was my first time to play paintball! I really had so much fun even if I already got tired in the first few minutes of the game. HAHA! Paintball is a very interesting game you guys might wanna try.

Not being satisfied by just playing, I tried to search anything about paintball online and I came across this website that sells paintball guns and gears. Okay, it's not that I am planning to buy gears now. But still, I wanna share to those people who might be interested, especially GUYS! haha! To those who would want to buy the guns and gears at just one purchase, you can buy the spyder victor paintball gun package. OR if you really wanna make the most out of your paintball game and be totally ready for it, you can try the spyder extra, for some additional items.

I know right? If you wanna have fun you really have to invest on what you love. And hey, paintball is all worth the investment! Enjoy! Aim and fire! *winks*


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