Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog ni Inday: Ang Sosyal na Katulong

Do you know Inday? When you hear her name, what comes into your mind? Wanna know what comes into mine?

Inday is very well known in the Unlitext world. She's just a helper, a maid. But what makes her so famous? Her unique words. Ofcourse, who will ever forget her language? A language that causes our nose to bleed? She's just too damn intelligent for a maid... She has so many funny stories (including her rivalry with Ederlyn in winning Dodong's heart) that really made the texters anticipate what happens next to her life. We all love Inday, don't we?

But... do you know that Inday is from Iligan City, Misamis Oriental? Yes... she's a BISDAK (Bisayang Dako)! And Inday is just getting better and better. FYI, she has a blog! Oh yes! You read that right. My brother gave me the link just last night and i was oh so surprised! Inday? Blogging? Cool!

Now you're curious :p

So guys, visit Blog ni Inday now and read her posts there. I'm sure you'll be having fun laughing your ass out while reading her hilarious posts. Hahaha! Enjoy! :p


danpakz said...

sosyal c inday! clingan mi ani sa iligan.. kron ke superStar nah! hahaha :D kremember ko sauna k2 gbantayan pa ko ani nya k2 bata pa ko, bot-an keu ni xa ug English paka pa jd.. bilib ko! :p

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