Saturday, January 12, 2008


After the long hours of editing, I finally finished designing my blogspot. And what pushed me to make this site? Money. Ooopss... Not really *nose gets longer* ... Well, yeah. I am making this blog to earn money through Google AdSense where one earns money with every click of the visitors on the ad links found on one's site (see the right side of this page). It's the "in" thing nowadays so I might as well give it a shot, hoping it works. *prays*

As I type, I begin to realize that maybe I should learn to love this blog from now on. I can make use of this blog aside for money. I can use this as my... diary? No. Not necessarily a diary... just something where I can post anything I want when I want to. Wouldn't that be great?! *bats eyelashes*

But hey, can you promise to drop by and give some time reading my posts (and of course, click on the Google ad links *pleads*)? Yehey! Thanks! *winks* Don't worry, I promise to keep this blog as updated as possible. *swears to God*

I guess this is all for now. Enjoy reading my posts (and clicking on the Google ad links)! ^-^

Oh wait!!!



danpakz said...

ribbon cutting! wohooo! i really like to join ribbon cuttings... :) of course, every visit nko sa mga blogs.. gnaclick jd ko ug ads, tinabangay ra jd nih ahehehe :D kta2x ra jpun mdatu ani hahaha
nice ka nice! :p

kindly read this post d.i muna

danpakz said...

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