Friday, February 1, 2008

Wind DUO 2200

Another cool innovation is unleashed!!!

WND Wind DUO 2200
'The dual screen mobile designed for users that carry two GSM handsets'

Synchronize personal and business life in one handset
Use seamlessly across continents
Built-in 2.0 megapixels camera on each side
Share data between both sides in a snap

The Wind Duo 2200 is a robust second generation innovation designed to deliver enhanced synchronized solutions in one versatile handset. By incorporating two screens, two keypads and two SIM cards, the Wind Duo 2200 lets you streamline your life, bringing personal and business needs together in ultra convenient and sleek style.

Well, what can i say? I'm just so amazed with this phone! I've been planning to buy an extra phone for an extra sim. hmmm.. why not buy this one? Php9,000.00?? not bad. I think this phone is just right. It looks cute. It's actually available in colors fuschia/silver, gold/silver, and black/silver (the one above). The pic gives you the idea but if you want a better look at this phone, see its flash movie as it rotates! It also has great features! Arrggghhh!!! I'm dying to try this one!

For more info, click here.


danpakz said...

wahtdaf?! a back 2 back fone! cool ahhh... what if you have 2 callers at the same time?! :o ahehehe

agnes said...

hahaha! lageh buh?! didn't come to think bout that! haha! still cool, though =p

myown said...

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