Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chimay the Puppy

Just last night, a friend of mine gave me a cute female "askal" puppy. I named her "Chimay"... why? I dunno exactly. I just find the name cute. Oh well... I promised my friend that i'll really take care of the puppy. He even reminded me that the pup loves to drink lots of water. haha! okay... so.. this day, i played with her. She's very playful! She's just so energetic to run around the lawn. And oh, she loves to bite! hahaha! Cute one! We really had a good time playing around... But then.. everything between us has to end. *pouts*

When my father found out that the pup's a female, he told me to give it away. Sad. Oh well, he has a point. Taking care of a female dog is hard coz when their breeding season comes, all the male dogs from the neighborhood will surely come and disturb us. So, i decided to give her to another friend of mine who's willing to take care of her instead. She'll be getting Chimay tomorrow morning. And I won't be here by the time she leaves home. huhuhu.. so sad. =( really sad =(

Oh well.. i really have to let go of Chimay. I know she'll be in good hands. *sighs*

Goodbye, Chimay! =(


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i blog too said...

Aw, well she was adorable.
I really enjoy reading your blog!:)

bOjOy said...

cute cute! i luve puPpies so much! inggit namn ako kc tagal ko na walang pet.. :(

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