Monday, March 17, 2008

after one month...

whew! t'was a month ago since my last post.. i've been busy with the projects and final exams. but now i'm finally through with 'em! Thank God!!!

Nowadays, I'm actually quite busy with my applications for an OJT. I'm still looking for a company in Manila to work at. I've tried Accenture, HP, IBM, Lawson Software... These are big international IT companies and it just makes me nervous! Will I be accepted by any one of these companies? I hope so.. or else, I'd end up working at Smart, which is okay but... *grins*

Oh well... I'd just have to wait. I am so excited to go to Manila and be with my sister and of course, go to malls. I just love it there! And.. I'm kinda excited for my OJT but I'm nervous. Let's just see where God wants me to be...

Maybe I'll update you about my OJT: who gets to accept me and who won't *ouch*

Oh my.. my blog is just sooooo boring. Punish me!


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