Thursday, March 20, 2008

Magazine Covers

Did you ever have that fantasy of being a model and see yourself in a cover of a magazine? I bet. Me, too! *grins*

I just love this magazine. Cheenee, a close friend of mine, made this for me three years ago. She's an artist, yah know... She's got all the creative power. *proud* When I posted this in my friendster right after she gave me this, many were fooled. Haha! Could be a compliment, right? Haha! Oh well.. Thanks to Cheenee!

Wow... How's that? Haha! Bride? *lol* Don't be fooled! I was just a maid of honor. Gotcha! *winks* But this looks just fine, right? I didn't design this, of course! I just got into this website where you can upload a picture and then choose a design for your magazine cover. It's just as easy as that! You can choose from many fake magazine covers out there! Just for fun!

So.. Do you want to see yourself in a magazine cover? Visit right now and feed your fantasy! ^_^

Be a potential model! *grins*


Nice Guy said...

That was nice of your friend to make that for you years ago. Neat taht nowadays you can do it online without artisitic friends help.

Another magazine cover maker @ (over 500 templates).

Put your face on celeb's body @ before making zine covers.

Webster Twelb said...

People have been doing that sis has one, even my other friends has one..

I'm not doing one...^_^

Vincent Bautista said...

Hi Agnes! Could you please add my new blog to your links? Hehehe. I already did add your blog to my links nah.

My new blog is at

Thanks a lot! ^_^

Panaderos said...

That's a cute magazine cover! :)

Pilipina said...

Hi Nes! :) Got your link from Neil. hehehe! nalingaw ko... Naa pa diay gihapon kay copy ana. Cool :)

Miss you. Sayang, when nag OJT ka sa Manila, naa ko sa Bukidnon nag OJT. Hahaha! :P

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