Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Retouched. Revived. Relived.

And so I have decided to renew my blog ... for a big change. Big in the sense that aside from changing its template, I am now determined to commit to this blog. With change comes responsibility. From now on, I'll be taking that responsibility. I will be posting more (especially now that we have already subscribed to a faster internet connection). I also have a plan of putting up another exclusive blog about food recipes my mother got from her culinary workshop. I'll give you the link soon. Watch out for it! *winks*

To those who have still been visiting my blog, thank you so much! I know this blog is almost useless but still, you cared to visit and read some of my posts. Thanks, really.

Gosh! I spent almost one whole day just to change my blog. I've encountered a bunch of errors and guess what, my links are all gone! I AM SO SORRY!!! I'll try to populate my list as soon as possible. Oh, help me!

Oh wee! Good luck to me! Stick around! =)


Thesabel Tuto said...

whahaha.. bantay hab! heheheh... ncie template... ikaw gyud nag design??? cool..........

AGNES said...

nyahahaha! dli woi.. just got the template somewhere. hehe ^_^ wish me luck!

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