Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top Three Ideal Dates

I'm all out of love. So what I do is daydream. Pathetic, huh? More like... "hopeless romantic". *laughs*

So here are my top ideal dates. Gosh! So kilig! *giggles*

TOP 1: At The Beach, During The Sunset

Ever since high school, this has been my ultimate ideal date! It's cheap and simple. You only have to go the nearest beach (it has to be clean!), watch the sunset, and spend the whole evening together. I can imagine walking through the shore while holding hands, or sitting together behind a bonfire. Sweet! *winks* I kinda love the beach especially at night. I just love to feel the wind from the sea, and the sound of the waves. (emo!) *giggles to the nth level* Perfectly romantic!

TOP 2: Harana

Sometimes, I still feel like doing something traditional. "Harana" (or serenade) is the traditional form of courtship in the Philippines. I still find this sweet. I can easily fall for a guy who can sing me songs while playing his guitar, especially when he has a good voice. Gosh! Just knocks me off my feet! Many times I have dreamt of being serenaded by a cute guy. *giggles* He doesn't really have to have a very good voice. It would also be fine if he doesn't know how to play the guitar. As long as he sings for me, i'll already be very impressed. Aaack! Oh I love daydreaming! Haha! =)

TOP 3: At an Adventure Park, say... Enchanted Kingdom
(Sorry to the owners of this pic. I'm not good at photo editing so it kinda looks funny. Haha!)

Last summer, my friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom. I had so much fun! While I was there, I was also thinking that lovers can also have it as their dating place. *grins* They will surely enjoy each other's company while playing around, riding rollercoasters, bump cars, etc. I love adventure. I love to play despite my age. So this is really ideal for me. But, it doesn't have to be at Enchanted Kingdom. I've also been to HK Ocean Park and HK Disneyland.It would be a lot better if the date is gonna take place in either of these adventure parks. But it'll be too expensive! Enchanted Kingdom is preferable, money-wise. *winks*

* * *

So there.. You have just read my top three ideal dates. What are yours? *smiles*


vienne said...

combine 1 and 2 and 3... serenade at the beach after a trip sa enchanted kingdom .. XD heheehe.. wahhhh..

hi nes.. just dropping by.. =D

AGNES said...

elow glaiz!!! yeah! that would be the best date ever! hahahah! nice one!

kooonin said...

star city is pretty much closer to the bay than enchanted kingdom.. he can serenade you while walking by the bay hehe.

AGNES said...

hello kooonin! finally, u have posted ur comment. LOL. uhmm.. yeah.. any adventure park will do. hehe :)

elaine said...

sunset by the beach is really romantic... gosh i miss those kind of crazy moments. hehe

Arriane Kate C. Fuentes said...

hahahaha! ang gitorture ang pic sa 3! hahaha

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