Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

a baby??? No! Not yet, of course! *laughs*

It's exactly 30 days before Christmas and honestly, I really don't know what my heart's deepest desire is for Christmas. I haven't really been enjoying my Christmas these past few years. Happy, in a way, yes... But there's always something missing. And I don't know what that is. Maybe I just miss celebrating Christmas with my whole family. It's been a long time since all the members of our family celebrated Christmas together. Awww... I miss us. Geez... stop!:)

But hey! I have here a list of things that I want this Christmas! *winks*
  • new magic wallet
  • plain Havaianas slim slippers
  • external hard disk
  • 8gig flash disk
  • fluffy flip flops
  • pajamas
  • extra cellphone
  • "Whatever" shirt
  • big huggable stuffed toy!!!
  • Nike sling bag
  • kinda big shoulder bag (for my books)
  • chocolates
Hahaha! Wow! Not so many, huh? *grins* Oh well, I accept gifts from anyone. Haha! And you, do you want to make me happy? Send me gifts! *lol* Joke! (but jokes are half-meant) *evilsmile*

Merry Christmas, everyone!:)


TYO said...

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PAJAY said...

ANd ur WIsh is ur Command...haha..

hope ul all have it this X-mas...meri x-mas...

just droppin by to link u...ismayl..

ariawijaya said...

mmm, wish you'll get your wishes (hi hi hi).

i have my own wish >> new christmas tree (a bigger one) hi hi hi

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