Saturday, November 22, 2008


Whenever one visits my blog, one wonders why its title is "Unpretty". I should have posted the origin of this blog title the first time I got it published. But it's not yet too late to inform you now, right?

The first time I came across the word "unpretty" was when I first heard the song "Unpretty" by TLC. I guess that was almost ten years ago. The song is nice and somehow I started to relate to it when I reached college. I'm also fond of chatting in mIRC and there was once I used it as my nick. But then I stopped using it after finding out there was another girl using the same nick. "Oh well... I can still use it as the title of my blog," I thought. So here, the title of my blog is Unpretty. Why? It's because some people make me feel I am. I can't please everyone, right? And I guess I'd have to live with that. But, I'm still grateful some would say I'm not. Gee, thanks! *winks* I love you! But still... I like the title of my blog, unique! :)

So here's the song I'm referring to. Enjoy the video!:)


Thesabel Tuto said...

hahahah.. dah

indra putu achyar said...

viSitS afternoon, and I bring you spray of flowers...
pleaSe back to my comments...

sterndal said...

hello there!

i agree with you. we can't please everyone so ... to hell with them haha! let's just do whatever we want to do and forget about what others say!


and happy blogging!

btw. i saw your photo! you are abosulutely pretty lol so i think somehow, the title of your blog is inappropriate. why don't you change it to "oh-so-pretty" ?

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