Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: The Year That Was

Today is the second to the last day of year 2008. Before I welcome year 2009, allow me to share to you the highlights of my year 2008.

STUDIES. I really had a hard time dealing with my studies this year. Although I made it to the Dean's List last March, I still think I'm not doing good at all. Last semester, I got very low grades which is why I wasn't able to make it to the Dean's List anymore. I was even scared I wouldn't be able to maintain my scholarship but fortunately I still have it! Thank God! Well currently I have so many requirements to accomplish: projects, assignments. God, help me! By the way, I'm taking up BS Computer Science at Xavier University and I'll be graduating this March, hopefully. So just imagine how busy I am.

SOCIAL LIFE. Well I've had so much fun this year even though I'm not in good terms with someone right now and even though I had a very self-degrading experience early this semester. I have attended several gatherings and shared more bonding moments with my friends especially my blockmates. I also had great fun and adventure in different places. Last summer, I was in Manila for my OJT and the IT department of the company I was working for, had an outing at Zambales. We visited two nice islands there! I also went to Enchanted Kingdom with some of my high school classmates. During the semestral break, I explored Camiguin Island with four of my blockmates. I really had a blast!

LOVE LIFE. It was good during the first month but he was gone all of a sudden. During summer, I found out something that really hurt my pride. Then I found a guy I thought of as my ideal guy. But he had a girlfriend. Too bad. Well, I have many crushes back in school. I think I haven't fallen in love with any of them, which is actually great fun. And then... just this month, I had a conversation with someone and there were revelations which only the two of us know. I guess it was just nothing. But we'll see what's in store for the two of us next year. (as if! hahaha)

FAMILY LIFE. I think my family is doing good. I mean, problems never stop coming right but then I'm glad we're still hanging on. But this year, I really had my full attention given to my sister who's going through a lot lately. I really can't forget what happened last summer when we were still in Manila. It wasn't easy. It was too hard to take. I guess it was the worst thing I ever encountered in my life. But what I like about that experience is that it brought me and my sister to a deeper relationship. We remained strong by always being there for each other. I hope God will grant her the end of her sufferings.

UNCATEGORIZED. I don't know which aspect this falls but I'm gonna share it anyway. Late this year I have a friend who invited me to be part of his band, making me one of the four vocalists. I'm really very excited about this one 'coz I have always dreamt of singing with a band. I hope we will be able to push through with the plans. I wanna make it happen! *fingers crossed*

Wow! I just realized how memorable my year 2008 is. It has been a year full of ups and downs. Well... let's just see what's gonna happen to my life in 2009. May it bring me and all of us more joy than sadness. Have a blessed new year, everyone! *winks*


university said...

oke...your posting...happy new year

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