Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WaterWalkerz's Hamster Ball

I'm not sure if that's what they call it. I just found out about this cool invention based in UK, a giant beach ball that can contain a human being who then tries to walk on the water. I've seen the video and found it funny. *laughs* But I'm kinda curious how's it gonna be when you are inside a ball then you try to walk on the water. Gosh! Wouldn't that be fun? But I think it's hard because it's not easy to balance yourself considering the buoyancy of the water. You'll just end up stumbling or rolling inside. Pathetic! *laughs* Oh well, it would give you an idea how it is to be a hamster. *winks* But I think this is a great workout too! It's a great challenge. Awwww.. I so wanna try it. I'm sure you'd feel the way I do after while watching the video. Take a look! *grins* You can also visit their site too. Click here.


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