Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Leaving a Message

To BEVS: Thank you so much for being my dearest and closest friend all these college years. It has been fun being your partner in almost all things. You have been my neutralizer. Haha! You have no idea how grateful I am to have you. Let's keep this friendship forever, okay?

To ARRIANE: It has been fun and great having you around. You have always been there to make me strong and realize some philosophical things. Haha! :p It's always an advantage to have a more mature and more experienced friend like you. Experienced? Aw! Wahehe! Thanks for being my wisdom! Char!

To SHANG: You remind me how useful I am by always making me feel like you need me despite the many friends you have. We may not always hang out together but we're always there whenever we need each other the most. Thanks for being true to me, Shang. And please, I may not be strong enough for you, but please please be strong, okay? Never give up! And as always, I'm here for you.

To BLONDZ: Honestly, you have been so distant these past few years. You are so pre-occupied with a lot of things. And hell yeah, we've been through A LOT. But still, I thank you for the times you shared with me just to cope up with the times we've lost. Thanks for keeping what we have alive. May you be happy wherever and with whomever you are.

To THESA: I know a lot has been bothering you and at times I can feel that you don't know how to handle or express them. But with me, you don't have to worry. I may not totally understand you but one thing's for sure, I'm here to listen to you and just let you blab things out. It's one way to release stress right? And Thes, hang out with us sometimes okay?

To KEN: I know you have a delicate heart inside you and thanks for letting us in. It has always been my pleasure to be told about your aches and happiness. Just keep on loving and having fun, okay? And yeah, I'm always here to understand.

To CAYE: We may not be that close to share secrets or problems but it always felt nice whenever we have time to talk about anything despite your busy schedule. I like the way you're living your life, Caye. Full of happiness, full of love, without insecurities. Perfect!

To GLAIZEE: I know I have already told you how I appreciate you so much. I'm just so thankful that a person like you still exists. You're one of a kind! And it feels good to hang out with you, very happy-go-lucky. And also, we're both crybabies! Haha! It's nice to have a friend who is as sensitive as I am, or more. Stay the same, Glaiz!

To OZZIE: Of all the guys in our block, I am most comfortable around you. I just don't have any problem with you, Oz. It's like I have nothing to worry when you're there. Char! But yeah, seriously, you're such a nice friend. And the thing I like about you is that you have always been an optimist. Nice attitude! And by the way, thanks for being in our team.

To DOM: Truth or dare? Haha :p It was fun having that conversation with you. Thank you so much for you know, for being nice and all. And I'm so sorry for making you feel something which isn't true at all. I didn't mean to. Thanks for the times :) .. for treating me the way a lady should be treated.

To JEP: I know that it's him that you love. Bwahahaha! Joke! :p Seriously though, thanks for being my academics consultant (what? haha), and for the company especially those times you had no choice but to wait 'til I get my ride first. Haha! I'm sorry. But yeah, thanks!

To DAN: Remember that time we rushed to the hospital? We were on our way towards becoming the next heroes! LOL. Well, that was a moment for both of us. Char! It was an unforgettable experience and I'm glad I shared it with you. Another char! Hehe.. Well, thank you so much for the rare times.

To JETHRO: There may be times when we just don't get along together and I get so annoyed with you. But still, we're friends (as far as I know). Thank you for sharing with us your heartaches and I'm glad you're happier now (are you?). And by the way, I don't wanna miss saying this to you. You're such a talented guy! And I like you and your bro's tandem. You have a future! Haha :p

To JAMES: You are so damn in love! Gawd! Well, James.. Be careful, okay? Hehe :) Ugh. I admit it really came to a point that I hated you for being so loud, noisy, annoying, etc. But that was before. Now, I'm glad that your in love. At least you're trying to behave now. Haha! I'm so happy for you, James! Stay in love!:)

To JETT: I don't know why I'm including you here. Haha! Peace :p Well, I don't know what's up with you lately. All I know is that you are famous now. You know, being an XU basketball star player. Nux. And you have a lot of fans already. Bwahaha! I know you are enjoying every bit of what you have right now. Just keep your feet on the ground. :p

To EDWARD: Have you read my card, already? Hehe. Uhmm.. Dward, I'm sorry but it feels good whenever I annoy you. Haha! Evil me. It's coz I know you'll never get angry with me. Haha! Right? Awww.. Sweet :) Thanks for being like that.. and thanks for those two big hugs u gave me during the party. Haha! It proved you're not angry with me. Thanks!

To LLENO: Hey, romantic guy! Char! Well yes you are, llen (aside from being a pervert at times. haha! peace!). It has been my pleasure reading your compositions online. They're nice and meaningful. Just stay sweet okay? And... Blondie likes you. And we like you for her. Hahhahhaha! :p

Whew! I really took time to do this. It's coz I love you, guys... and I might not have time to say these things to you anymore. And since it's Christmas, take it as my gift. Hehe.. It's all I can afford. I'm broke. But hey, "no greater gift is there than love" as the song Give Love on Christmas Day says. And yeah, I love you! MERRY CHRISTMAS! mwahugz!:)


Phronesis said...

kahilak sad ta ani og pokpok ngets! bwahahaha!!

thanks nes!! wla ko nag expect na naa diay ko impact sa imo life! bwahahaha! (kaila kg nagdrama!)

waVshu!! :D

Ozzy said...

Merry christmas nes! Thanks for your very touching message. Hehehe... Kahilakon kog basa ui. Hahaha.

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camilleXang said...


huhu..nghilaka ku ug dugo sa imu english!! aw..hehe...taw oi...
na-feel jud nq ang sincerity sa imu msg, and im glad that u have and will always be part of my life...

Thank You

Yes, I have so many friends...but only a few of them pass my "best bud" category, and guess wat? ur part of my top 10..lav yah nes! mwah!!

meri xmas!

Vincent Bautista said...

Hi Agnes! How are you? Merry Christmas to you too!

This post is so sentimental! Lleno and Blondie? Ooh... hot stuff hehehe.

Don't worry, when I start studying at University I'll find you a Canadian guy! ^_^

Maus said...

your so sweet for your friends keep it up!

angel without wings said...

sana isa ako sa friend mo.. hehe :) maligayang pasko! :)

vienne said...

waahh..thanks nes! im speechless.. hehe.. thanks kaau that's all i can say.. T__T .. waahhh.. merry christmas.. long live crybabies!!! hehehe..

blondz said...

nes, thanks for speaking up..huhu.. i know murag medyo distant na ta and daghan pud ko gakahuna2x. still, naa jud ka permi.. thanks kaayo sa tanan, super! aw hada! lantaran man jud bah! hehe.. ok lng.. i like lleno man pud, lol :D tc nes olweiz! :D

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