Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lonely Christmas

Okay. I thought my Christmas is gonna be fun or merry. I miss everyone. I only have my parents to celebrate with. My sister and two brothers won't be home for Christmas. Sad, right? But I think my situation is better. At least I have my parents. I just can't imagine being in the shoes of my siblings. They're out there, celebrating with their friends. But still, that kinda feels lonely right? Oh my. I can't imagine celebrating Christmas without my family. Soon, I'll be working. I might be all by myself next Christmas. Ugh. But I wanna see to it that I'll be home every Christmas. I'll do what it takes.

Anyway, this one's funny. While I was Googling images for "lonely christmas" I found this image. *laughs* Pathetic? Yeah yeah. This picture is very sad yet I can't help but laugh at it. She's very lonely and sad. I would love to relate myself to her but then, what's that mistletoe for? Wait, she's loveless! Like me? Definitely! As a teenager young lady, it's normal that I long to have a special someone on Christmas. But due to family rules and regulations, I can't have one. I still have to graduate. And yes!!! I'll be graduating on March! I mean, assumingly, I won't be lonely next Christmas! *giggles*

Wait, have you noticed the shift? From family to lovelife. Crap! I'm sorry. I got out of track. Well either way, the truth remains: my Christmas is lonely. But I'm not really sad. It's normal! Good thing I have other things to do online: blog, play games, check emails, chat at YM, watch movies, make projects and assignments (I hate my teachers for these!), etcetera etcetera... Merry Christmas to me!!!

OMG! wait!! While I was about to end this post, my Tita came and handed me P500! Gawd!!!! I love her!! Hahahaha! I am soooooo happy! Weeeeee!!!!!! Haha! Wait, where was I? Oh. Yeah. Ciao! :p


shy said...

I think I have the same situation, I miss my whole family there.. I will celebrate the Christmas with my parent in law and of course my husband..But i am hoping to see them next year. Merry Christmas Girl...mwah!

harry said...

dont be sad sweety in cristmast day...i'm here for u....to be a specialy friends for u......smile for u and for me

evik said...

visit...back to visit...ok

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