Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thoughts at the Start of the Christmas Break

I think I started my Christmas break right. Our organization held a Christmas Party last Saturday evening and it was a blast! I enjoyed the games, the food, the people. I never had that kind of party in a long time. You know, the typical Christmas party we used to have back in grade school. It was nice. I can really say that I had enjoyed a lot during my last Christmas Party in college. Aside from that, I love my friends' gifts. Special thanks to Beverly, Arriane, and Thesa. I am so touched for their thoughtfulness. Thank you, gals! *hugs*

Anyway, some of us stayed somewhere over night. It was fun though. Spending time with a new crowd just drinking, talking, laughing, playing dart, billiards, spin-the-bottle game, etc. And yeah, I've discovered a lot from talking with different people. And they made me feel good. Talk about compliments. Gawd, I never heard such things in a long time. Maybe it's the greatest gift I have received. You know, being appreciated for what you have and what you are, realizing your worth. Such a nice feeling! Flattering... except for some things that got in the way like your friends having to deal with some issues you are actually involved in. Although I preferred them to just let us be, I still love them for trying. I appreciate the effort. Some things are just meant to end. What's lost it lost.

And by the way, it's Christmas! Be happy! And I am happy! I also finally got the chance to spend time with my bestfriend who I miss so much. Gawd, last night was really memorable. I guess I'll be having a merry Christmas. Thank you, Lord! It was a good start. I hope it goes on and on.

To everyone out there, advanced HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Be merry, be very merry. *winks*


Icymar "Iceman" Tagimacruz said...

hi.. droppin by here.. merry xmas to you...

budiawanhutasoit said...

hi Agnes..

Merry Christmas to you...

webslave said...

hi there agnes! i hope you enjoy your christmas break.. :)

well, as of me, i would be celebrating christmas for the 2nd time around here in the office since i'm on night shift.. T_T

Happy Christmas and advance prosperous new year to you! :)


webslave mc'coolot

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