Sunday, December 28, 2008

Elle: The Gossip Girl

Who among you are Heroes and Gossip Girl fanatics just like me? Did you know that Kristen Bell who played the late Elle of HEROES is the same person who plays as the Upper East Side blogger with all the hot gossip as the narrator on GOSSIP GIRL?

Yeah. I was as surprised as you are. Or... Am I too late to know about this? It's quite funny 'coz I have been watching HEROES (whose volume three just ended) and GOSSIP GIRL (whose latest episode, the 13th of season 2, is my favorite) and I just found out about this yesterday. *laughs* It was unbelievable at first so I tried to compare Elle's voice and Gossip Girl's and see if they are the same. Watch and listen.

Uhmmm.. yeah. So true! Only that Kristen's voice in Gossip Girl is gossipy, of course. I like Kristen Bell. It's just so sad that we won't be seeing her anymore since her character was killed by Sylar (played by Zachary Quinto, a very close friend of Kristen Bell and rumored to be his boyfriend).

Oh well... I guess Kristen Bell's career is at its peak right now. I mean... being part of the famous Gossip Girl? It must be something she should be proud of.

She knows we love her.


Rocky said...

Hi not unpretty :) can I interest you in a link exchange?

shy said...

I love Gossip Girl but love more the The Hill hehehe.

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